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The institution is named after:

Eötvös Károly (born in Mezőszentgyörgy, March 11, 1942, died in Budapest, April 13, 1916)writer, journalist, lawyer, politician. He spent his high school years in Pápa and studied law in Pápa, Kecskemét and Pest. In 1863 he participated in the Almássy conspiracy, which led to his imprisonment for a couple of months. He started working in Pápa in 1865, and he also wrote his first literary works at that time. Later he worked as the notary of Veszprém County then a crown lawyer. In 1866 he created the first weekly newspaper of the town entitled “Veszprém”. He was elected a member of parliament representing Veszprém in 1872. He opened a lawyer’s office in Budapest in 1878. He became a prominent public figure in Hungary when he took the job of defending the innocent Jewish defendants in the notorious Tiszaeszlár libel lawsuit. He won the lawsuit and became well-known outside the country as well. He published the lawsuit proceedings in three volumes in 1904. He was president of the Parties of Independence and 48ers for a while in 1892, however, he founded a new opposite party soon.He worked for several papers in Budapest, e.g. Pesti Napló, Egyetértés, Vasárnapi Újság. His personal experiences and events from the war of independence were often depicted in his novels and short stories. He wrote excellent characteristic descriptions of Táncsics Mihály and Madarász József. His works about Transdanubian regions especially the “Utazás a Balaton körül” (Travel around Lake Balaton), “Balatoni utazás vége” (The End of Travels around Lake Balaton) and “Bakony” (Bakony Hills) are among his outstanding literary works. In these works he handed down important cultural history and folklore treasures to posterity. His readers especially like his anecdotal humor and story-telling abilities.

His complete works and all literature about him are collected in our library. His bust made by Borsos Miklós can be seen in front of the entrance of our institution.

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