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The AMERICAN CORNER operates with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest, the Veszprém County Government, the Veszprém City Government, the University of Pannonia and our institution. Their collection of books is enriched with a generous donation of Federal Administrative Law Judge London Steverson, which consisted of nearly 4,500 volumes and is now their core collection. Besides their library services, the Corner serves as a program center with a great variety of programs such as the regular Steverson Collection Book Club and the English Conversation Club, the AC Kids Club, the Drawing Club, the Hip-Hop Club and the Movie and Pizza Night.

The American Corner endeavors to attract and maintain the interest of different age and language speaking groups with their numerous other interesting and useful events.

Another important service in the American Corner is providing information about any aspects of the United States. As a certified EducationUSA advising center our aim is to effectively help Hungarian students who intend to continue their secondary or higher education studies in the United States. In order to support university students wishing to do summer jobs in the USA, we have created and maintained a fruitful relationship with organizations providing summer work and travel programs such as CCUSA, Camp Leaders, etc. Most of our cultural programs show and analyze American culture from different perspectives.

Another significant English language collection can be found in the foreign language department in theGateway UK as well.

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