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It is the task of the ground-floor colleagues to inform visitors about the services of the library, and to take care about the administrative tasks related to library use:

  • enrollment and registration

  • checking out, checking in and renewing documents

  • handing over reserved documents to the readers

CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and video cassettes are loaned for 7 days, all other documents for 28 days.

Visitors can find national and local dailies, weeklies and magazines for their entertainment in the Magazine Reading Section.




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Book Selection Area

Our readers can find several thousands of volumes in the 2nd-floor Book Selection Area, which is complemented by a big store room. Our qualified librarians provide assistance with searching for documents and provide information on the collections, services, traditional and electronic databases of the library.

On demand of our visitors, our information group holds activities introducing the library. Visitors need to make appointments in advance to use this service.


Language Department

The English, French, German, Finnish, Esperanto, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovakian language documents in the foreign language department serve the needs of foreign language speaking visitors.  There is a significant number of books on the history and culture of foreign countries and travel guides, but you can find books on other areas of specialty as well.

Our English language resource center is a member of the nationalGatewayUK network. Most of the approximately 8,000-volume English language collection was purchased with the help of the British Council. Printed and electronic materials – reference books, textbooks, DVDs and databases – are available to access information. There is a vast number of language books for teachers and learners here. Members of the library can participate in events connected to the United Kingdom. Another significant collection of English language books can be found in theAmerican Corner section of the library.


Reading Room


The most important reference books, lexicons, dictionaries and visual art albums of the different disciplines and areas of specialty are located in the 3rd-floor Reading Room. The newest issues of different journals can be accessed freely here together with the bound past issues going back to 20 years. Older issues can be requested from the store room.


Computer Room


Visitors can access the internet on modern computers on the 3rdfloor. The fee of internet use is HUF 200/hour. There is a wireless internet access point (WIFI) within the building, which is available for visitors who bring their own laptops for no charges.


Music and Media Center


The 3rd-floor center currently possesses Bakelite discs, CDs (classical, folk, jazz, light genres and literature recordings), videocassettes and CD-ROMs, multimedia and language materials. Visitors can read reference books on music, film and music journals and magazines and borrow scores. Audio books are very popular and can be borrowed without charges.

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