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Welcome to the website of the Eötvös Károly County Library!



Dear Visitors,

Our institution is the biggest public library in Veszprém County. It was named after Eötvös Károly writer and politician in 1968 when the institution moved into its current building. Nevertheless, its history goes back to 1902. The building complex was renovated and extended in 1998 so we can be at the disposal of our visitors on nearly 5,000 square meters with about 400,000 documents and countless information services. In the barrier-free institution people with disabilities can use the library for free. Our users can find reading materials in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish and in many other languages.

Our micro-region serving group provides a book van service in 40 small settlements.  As part of this service we systematize the collections, tend the stores of the villages, organize programs and help the work of village librarians.

Our town is situated near Lake Balaton, the biggest lake of Hungary. We will welcome you with our books, magazines and computers with Internet access when you are in Hungary.


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