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Welcome to the website of the Eötvös Károly County Library!



Dear Visitors,

Our institution is the biggest public library in Veszprém County. It was named after Eötvös Károly writer and politician in 1968 when the institution moved into its current building. Nevertheless, its history goes back to 1902. The building complex was renovated and extended in 1998 so we can be at the disposal of our visitors on nearly 5,000 square meters with about 400,000 documents and countless information services. In the barrier-free institution people with disabilities can use the library for free. Our users can find reading materials in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish and in many other languages.

Our micro-region serving group provides a book van service in 40 small settlements.  As part of this service we systematize the collections, tend the stores of the villages, organize programs and help the work of village librarians.

Our town is situated near Lake Balaton, the biggest lake of Hungary. We will welcome you with our books, magazines and computers with Internet access when you are in Hungary.



Address: 8200 Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.

Telephone: +36-88/424-011, +36-88/560-610, +36/-88/560-620

Fax: +36-88/560-610/105

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Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-19.00

Saturday: 10.00-16.00


Full price (adult): HUF 2400/year, HUF 1200/half year

Reduced (students, pensioners): HUF 1200/year, HUF 600/half year

Under 16, over 70 and people with disabilities: free

Day card: HUF 300

Registration card: free (enables registered members to use the library to search for information without assistance from a librarian)


Registered library users can use the following services:

  • visiting the library

  • using the open-shelf documents locally except in the Reading Room and in the Regional History Collection

  • using the National Audiovisual Archives (NAVA)-point

  • using the services of the American Corner

  • using the services of the British Council English Language Resource Center

  • searching the collections with help of research tools

  • information about the services of the library and the library system

  • using a reading machine for the blind and visually impaired

  • computer use

  • participating in the free programs of the library

Besides the above-mentioned services enrolled library members can avail themselves of the following:

  • borrowing documents (except: when buying a day card)

  • using the stored collections

  • obtaining field specific information

  • using the services of the Reading Room

  • local use of the Veszprém Regional History Collection

  • local use of the protected documents of the library

  • access the databases and CD-ROMs in the inner network of the library

  • placing a hold on items

  • using interlibrary loan services

  • photocopying and digital reprography services from library documents

Services with charges:

  • computer use

  • borrowing CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs

  • Reprography and office services

  • Placing a hold on items

  • Interlibrary loan




+36-88/560-620/110, 111

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It is the task of the ground-floor colleagues to inform visitors about the services of the library, and to take care about the administrative tasks related to library use:

  • enrollment and registration

  • checking out, checking in and renewing documents

  • handing over reserved documents to the readers

CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and video cassettes are loaned for 7 days, all other documents for 28 days.

Visitors can find national and local dailies, weeklies and magazines for their entertainment in the Magazine Reading Section.




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Book Selection Area

Our readers can find several thousands of volumes in the 2nd-floor Book Selection Area, which is complemented by a big store room. Our qualified librarians provide assistance with searching for documents and provide information on the collections, services, traditional and electronic databases of the library.

On demand of our visitors, our information group holds activities introducing the library. Visitors need to make appointments in advance to use this service.


Language Department

The English, French, German, Finnish, Esperanto, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovakian language documents in the foreign language department serve the needs of foreign language speaking visitors.  There is a significant number of books on the history and culture of foreign countries and travel guides, but you can find books on other areas of specialty as well.

Our English language resource center is a member of the nationalGatewayUK network. Most of the approximately 8,000-volume English language collection was purchased with the help of the British Council. Printed and electronic materials – reference books, textbooks, DVDs and databases – are available to access information. There is a vast number of language books for teachers and learners here. Members of the library can participate in events connected to the United Kingdom. Another significant collection of English language books can be found in theAmerican Corner section of the library.


Reading Room


The most important reference books, lexicons, dictionaries and visual art albums of the different disciplines and areas of specialty are located in the 3rd-floor Reading Room. The newest issues of different journals can be accessed freely here together with the bound past issues going back to 20 years. Older issues can be requested from the store room.


Computer Room


Visitors can access the internet on modern computers on the 3rdfloor. The fee of internet use is HUF 200/hour. There is a wireless internet access point (WIFI) within the building, which is available for visitors who bring their own laptops for no charges.


Music and Media Center


The 3rd-floor center currently possesses Bakelite discs, CDs (classical, folk, jazz, light genres and literature recordings), videocassettes and CD-ROMs, multimedia and language materials. Visitors can read reference books on music, film and music journals and magazines and borrow scores. Audio books are very popular and can be borrowed without charges.


 +36-88/560-620/107, 119

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The 1st-floor unit welcomes visitors from babies to high-school students, as well as their parents and grandparents.  Fun- and book-loving children can choose from nearly 20,000 volumes of books, 200 DVDs, 160 videos, 200 filmstrips, 260 audio documents and 20 types of children and youth magazines. 

School and kindergarten groups are welcome to come to the library in pre-agreed times. Children are playfully introduced to the basic use of books and libraries. Open playhouses, poetry, music and playful activities, competitions, quizzes, writer-reader meetings and camps are regularly organized.



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Regional literature has been deliberately collected in our library since the 1950s. Besides the 15,000 volumes of books, current and retrospective periodicals, manuscripts, Veszprém County related theses, several thousands of postcards, miniature prints and posters can be found in our collection. Our visitors can also have access to our unique databases developed by our librarians. After making an appointment, you can join group activities on an agreed topic.



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The AMERICAN CORNER operates with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest, the Veszprém County Government, the Veszprém City Government, the University of Pannonia and our institution. Their collection of books is enriched with a generous donation of Federal Administrative Law Judge London Steverson, which consisted of nearly 4,500 volumes and is now their core collection. Besides their library services, the Corner serves as a program center with a great variety of programs such as the regular Steverson Collection Book Club and the English Conversation Club, the AC Kids Club, the Drawing Club, the Hip-Hop Club and the Movie and Pizza Night.

The American Corner endeavors to attract and maintain the interest of different age and language speaking groups with their numerous other interesting and useful events.

Another important service in the American Corner is providing information about any aspects of the United States. As a certified EducationUSA advising center our aim is to effectively help Hungarian students who intend to continue their secondary or higher education studies in the United States. In order to support university students wishing to do summer jobs in the USA, we have created and maintained a fruitful relationship with organizations providing summer work and travel programs such as CCUSA, Camp Leaders, etc. Most of our cultural programs show and analyze American culture from different perspectives.

Another significant English language collection can be found in the foreign language department in theGateway UK as well.


The institution is named after:

Eötvös Károly (born in Mezőszentgyörgy, March 11, 1942, died in Budapest, April 13, 1916)writer, journalist, lawyer, politician. He spent his high school years in Pápa and studied law in Pápa, Kecskemét and Pest. In 1863 he participated in the Almássy conspiracy, which led to his imprisonment for a couple of months. He started working in Pápa in 1865, and he also wrote his first literary works at that time. Later he worked as the notary of Veszprém County then a crown lawyer. In 1866 he created the first weekly newspaper of the town entitled “Veszprém”. He was elected a member of parliament representing Veszprém in 1872. He opened a lawyer’s office in Budapest in 1878. He became a prominent public figure in Hungary when he took the job of defending the innocent Jewish defendants in the notorious Tiszaeszlár libel lawsuit. He won the lawsuit and became well-known outside the country as well. He published the lawsuit proceedings in three volumes in 1904. He was president of the Parties of Independence and 48ers for a while in 1892, however, he founded a new opposite party soon.He worked for several papers in Budapest, e.g. Pesti Napló, Egyetértés, Vasárnapi Újság. His personal experiences and events from the war of independence were often depicted in his novels and short stories. He wrote excellent characteristic descriptions of Táncsics Mihály and Madarász József. His works about Transdanubian regions especially the “Utazás a Balaton körül” (Travel around Lake Balaton), “Balatoni utazás vége” (The End of Travels around Lake Balaton) and “Bakony” (Bakony Hills) are among his outstanding literary works. In these works he handed down important cultural history and folklore treasures to posterity. His readers especially like his anecdotal humor and story-telling abilities.

His complete works and all literature about him are collected in our library. His bust made by Borsos Miklós can be seen in front of the entrance of our institution.

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